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Public Welfare

  Carrying forward the virtues of the Chinese people, and cherishing the concepts of “gratitude, reciprocation, integrity and responsibility”, the company actively participates in social activities, which is the constant principle of Xingyuan Group. As Xingyuan Group’s chairman Song Guangwen often says, "I was born in a poor family, and all my achievements today are owed to the training and education of the Party and society. To contribute myself to society, and serve the masses is the goal that I strive for”, which is a detailed interpretation of the driving force and the corporate culture of Xingyuan Group.
  The courage to take social responsibility, is a kind of interaction and win-win between enterprises and society. Over the years, Xingyuan group has always insisted "good faith Liye, the benefit of the community" business purposes, to "get rich Siyuan not forggestting, rich thinks to seek development" concept of the sublime, build Xingyuan group of life values, Xingyuan group rich, society did not forget, and continue efforts for the agency will public welfare investment and output. Since the establishment of enterprises, so that more than 3800 people to achieve employment and re employment, and led the local people on the road to common prosperity, greatly promoting the rapid development of the local economy, the construction of socialist civilization, harmonious new countryside, played a positive role in promoting.
  In recent years, the group has been named "China High Integrity Enterprise”, “Trustworthy Large Taxpayer", “Customer Satisfied Unit”, “Outstanding Private Enterprise" and other honorary titles, and Song Guangwen also won the title of “China High Integrity Entrepreneurs”.
  1.Called for middle managers to support poor children who dropped school, having sponsored a total of more than 100 children dropping school in recent years.
  2.Held the first “contributing love to replay society" activity in May 2006, during which we have donated RMB 100,000 to Xishui Kindergarten for education.
  3.Committed to environmental protection construction, and played a positive role in promoting the improvement of the surrounding environment; Weaving Girl River sewage treatment; in 2006, the company invested RMB 5 million in the construction of Xishui sewage treatment plant, with a daily sewage treatment capacity of nearly 10,000 tons; the company actively combated air pollution problems; in recent years, we have invested more than RMB 10 million in introducing computer automatic batching systems and dust removal bags, having completely eliminated air pollution problems.
  4.In 2007, we invested RMB 20 million to build 300 new apartments for the transformation of the old Xishui Village and the improvement of the living conditions of workers.
  5.In 2006, 2007, and 2008 respectively, we held the event on the theme of “Contributing love and returning society”, in which we organized the parents of more than 360 employees to travel in Beijing, which fully embodies the Group's people-oriented corporate culture that cares about employees.
  6.After Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008, the leadership of the company and employees contributed generous donations.
  7.To convey the company’s thanks and care to the staff, further mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, and give play to the efficient team cooperation, between 6 and 10 October, 2008, the company organized a five-day tour in Hainan for 130 employees, providing staff with a relaxing and enjoyable opportunity to travel, releasing their pressure, and consolidating their passion and fighting spirit.

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