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Compound extrusion linkage production line

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1. Shrinkage of the roller conveyor is 5% - 15%.

2. Infrared temperature range 50 ~ 150 °C.

3. The cutting angle of the part is 90°.

4. Cutting the temperature of the parts before or after the take-up ≤ 35°C

5. The effective cooling length of the part is not less than 50m-90m.

6. The centering accuracy of the winding mat is ±3mm.

7. The centering accuracy of the coiled product is ±3mm.

8. Weighing range from 0 to 10Kg (divisional value 5g) is continuously called.

9. Continuously called dynamic accuracy ≤0.1%.

10. Width measurement range (double bar) 0 to 700mm (division value is 0.1mm).

11. Width measurement error ≤ ± 0.2mm.

12. Parts thickness 2mm~20mm.

13. Roller width 800mm.

14. Stretch rate of parts during cooling line operation No stretching

15. Production speed of auxiliary machine production line: 4~40m/min.

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